“PLUSAVERTY” glasses the essential fashion accessory

By / / PLUSAVERTY is a new brand of reading glasses created by DANIELLE SIEGELBAUM a French artist now living in Philadelphia. PLUSAVERTY eyeglasses are magnifying reading glasses – combining art and vision care. They are unique, exclusive, statement pieces, bringing together art and utility. All the designs of the eyeglasses are made by Danielle Siegelbaum a logical extension of her artistic knowledge PLUSAVERTY: WHAT’S IN THE NAME? In French “averti” means informed, aware, experienced, knowledgeable, and sophisticated. Someone who is “averti” is discerning, an expert, in vogue, clear-eyed, and wise. The French pronunciation is used for Averty, but spelled with a “y” for an American touch. A FASHION ACCESSORY FOR THOSE WHO DON’T USUALLY WEAR GLASSES. NO MORE AWKWARD MOMENTS, NO MORE OUTDATED LOOKS. Sick of rummaging for your glasses in your bag or having them dangle gracelessly off your neck? PlusAverty is for people who love fashion and know the difference between “in” and “has been”. Afraid to answer the question “how old are you?” Let’s break the taboo – your age is something you should own and be proud of. Younger generations better watch out. With PlusAverty eyeglasses, you’re fresh and new. A head turner, PlusAverty will not only let you see clearly, but make you stand out. This must-have accessory will never leave your side, whether you’re at a restaurant, gallery opening, museum, shopping, traveling or simply at home. PlusAverty frames are designed to be gender-neutral. They let you be who you are, no matter your age or style. www.plusaverty.com