So we pretty much missed all the greatness that was #GivingTuesday…So we bring you #WishfulWednesday

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As we all know Tuesday is the day we check to see if there’s a new podcast episode of Hi-Res or Streets Dept but this was #GivingTuesday and we totally spaced. Reason being is the one dude who runs this somewhat well oiled greasy machine that is The Philadelphia Egotist was taking care of his newborn baby.
Heck were also super bummed we missed PhilaMRKT!

When we started this chapter of The Egotist we thought a bunch of snarky copy writers would jump on and offer insights to their horror stories at work or proud moments at boring meetings or whatever. So far zilch on that so we’ve still got this busy freelance photographer guy searching often hopelessly for locally created content to post. Most of our content is reposted from other creative entities via instagram. Sure there’s sporadic news coming from some of the awesome agencies in town but that’s not enough. We feel there’s so much talent here in town and hoping more people will contribute work they’ve done, working on, proud of, got shot down, is on busses and billboards or beer cans, etc.

For this #WishfulWednesday we wish that some local creative entities get more involved with the Egotist so in turn we can help promote their awesomeness. Let us know if we use the word ‘awesome’ too much please.

Feel free to show us some stuff here:

and if you haven’t yet please start a profile to show a few of your awesome portfolio pieces here:

and if you’re one of the awesome agencies or design firms looking for new talent for your team please consider posting jobs on our board:
***Job posts are really the only way this site generates any income which helps keep this site alive. It’s a fairly modest rate to post and helps local creatives find placement.***

Anyhoo once again sorry we missed #GivingTuesday but we’ll do our best in the future to catch wind of local happenings!

Oh and if you’d like to intern or offer some much needed proofreading skills or anything please say hello! [email protected]