Eagles – Fan Code of Conduct #FlyEaglesFly

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Fan Code of Conduct from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Being from Boston I’m used to intense sport fans. My college was right around the corner from where the Red Sox played so it was tough to maneuver my way home through a bunch of crazed Massholes. Having never really been much of a sports fan I never really got why people get so amped up and devoted to such events. Having lived in Philadelphia for the last five years I noticed the same devotion to teams but there seems to be something rather charming to it all here for some reason. Perhaps it’s all the decorated windows with old logos or something. Maybe as a design nerd I like the Flyers, Phillies and Eagles logos more than New Englands. Anyhoo as the Eagles are about to fly this coming Sunday I’m skeptical about how trashed this beloved city may become and of course fear for people’s safety and overall well being whether they win or lose. Was digging up some past Eagles videos and found this Fan Code of Conduct from a few years back and still find it relevant. I’ll be posting a few random fan videos and anything else I can find to support a positive outcome for this upcoming sporting event called the Super Bowl. Fly Eagles Fly!