This Week Marks 20 Years Since Columbine, New Social Film has Students Asking ‘Are We Next?’


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Gun violence in schools remains one of the country’s most devastating issues, even though 20 years have passed since Columbine. The New York Times stated this week that all researchers agree, “Columbine became a touchstone for some of this country’s most unhinged.” Creative agency BooneOakley partnered with Station Film and director Scott Corbett, and talked to students about the issue. Over and over again they heard one thing: students don’t feel safe at school and are constantly wondering if they are next. Thus the genesis of TARGETS, a social film from the students’ perspective. Because when you tune out the debates and the politicians and the media—what you’re left with are kids. Kids who face the possibility of a school massacre every single day.

AreWeNext is a group of concerned citizens and students who are done with responding to school shootings with thoughts and prayers, instead they urge you to demand change by contacting your congressional representatives urging them to vote for common sense gun laws. Visit for information about taking action.


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