The Philly Egotist’s 2018 Local Holiday Shopping Guide

by / December 20, 2018 /


Well we were hoping to send our staff photographer out to grab snaps of all these spots but he's busy taking care of his one year old so we figure plugging all these local vendor's and local businesses instagrams will give Philly shoppers more insight while shopping for their friends and loved ones this season. Feel free contact us if we're missing something really cool! Please keep in mind that it's too obviously too late for shipping so please don't bug them about that and ju[Read More]

Creative Agency Where Eagles Dare Purchases 100 Acres on Mars As Part of Multi-Channel Holiday Card Experience

by / December 18, 2018 /

Get Ready to Claim Your Spot on Franks Space Farm; Join the Mission by Calling 1.855.GO2MARZ and Following @franksspacefarm on Instagram

Pittsburgh-based agency Where Eagles Dare is surprising clients and friends this holiday season by purchasing 100 acres on Mars as an unexpected, out-of-this-world gift. The card is just the first step in a fun multi-channel experience that invites recipients to claim t[Read More]

The Cyborg Artist: Tattooing with a Custom Prosthesis

by / December 6, 2018 /

When JC Sheitan Tenet lost his right arm, he didn’t lose his will to make incredible tattoos. In fact, working without an arm gave his work more meaning. Then Tenet met artist Jean-Louis Gonzal, who creates spellbinding “biomechanic” works, and the two brainstormed a remarkable custom prosthetic tattoo machine. The device can pivot 360 degrees and allows Tenet to create abstract designs unlike anyone else.

This Great Big Story was made in partnership with [Read More]

Kismet Coworking Presents: GREATPHL 2018 November 15th!

by / November 14, 2018 /


This will be a daylong event meant to celebrate all that is Philadelphia at this moment in time. It is often said that we are in the midst of a great renaissance of culture, new business, population growth and the highly coveted increase in both national and international tourism. Why is this? How did this happen? What does it mean? What should be celebrated and what should be revised.

The speaker[Read More]

Linda Dubin Garfield presents Second State Press Show + Tellon November 11. 5-7 pm

by / November 1, 2018 /

Second State Press, CraneARTS Building,  1400 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, invites you to their Show + Tell on November 11, 5- 7 PM, featuring a presentation by Linda Dubin Garfield, printmaker/mixed media artist. The ART of Printmaking will include a history of Garfield’s path to becoming a full time artist, the print techniques she uses and how she combines traditional printma[Read More]


by / September 25, 2018 /

Firstborn has just launched “RBG for Good”, the mobile WebAR experience that lets you watch over a pocket-sized Ruth Bader Ginsberg as she fights for your rights. Users can help her stay fit, rested, and on the top of her game through a series of “exercises” intended to keep RBG going strong. No need to download an app, or scan a Snapcode, the experience can be accessed through on your mobile device through your web browser. Simply visit www.rbg[Read More]