PointsBet Delivers Next Level Betting Experience for NCAA Final Four Bettors


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Leading live betting sportsbook PointsBet is hosting a series of live streamed expert roundtable discussions called LIVE Insights for LIVE Bettors that will air during the final four to give sports fans next level insights and in-depth behavioral analysis that look beyond the odds. The unique panel of experts includes Northwestern University Professor of Sports Psychology Dr. Michele Kerulis, body language expert Scott Rouse, former NCAA and NBA star Carlos Boozer, and PointsBet Head Oddsmaker Jay Croucher. The live stream experience will look to help bettors make informed decisions by exploring how a team’s state of mind on the court can affect player performance and overall team dynamic.

The LIVE Insights for LIVE Bettors experience was created in partnership with independent media agency Noble People, PointsBet’s media agency of record.

During the roundtable discussion, the panelists will offer live bettors detail into the emotions and reactions on the court. Dr. Kerulis will examine the on-court dynamic of the players, including stress management, anxiety, and team cohesion, while human behavior expert Scott Rouse will comment on what viewers can glean from on-court body language, while former Duke forward Carlos Boozer, who placed a $50,000 bet to win $600,000 if the Blue Devils win the championship will be commenting on player mentality throughout the games, with a particular focus on the Blue Devils.  

“We’re always aiming to reimagine the sports viewing landscape, and the Final Four provides a prime opportunity for PointsBet to explore how we can take the live betting experience to the next level,” said Kyle Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer at PointsBet USA. “We’ve seen how underdogs like Saint Peter’s have been able to defeat some of the most skilled programs through pure determination, and through this activation, we’re bringing together these behavioral experts to showcase to our users just how profoundly a team’s mindset can change the dynamic of a game.”

The stream is scheduled to begin on April 2 at 5:55pm ET on Instagram and Twitter  and will air at the start and halftime of both games. A series of promotional videos from the panel of experts are running on social, driving bettors to the experience.

A selection of videos can be viewed here, here and here.

“PointsBet is the sportsbook for sophisticated bettors who are always looking to uncover rare insights or analysis that gives them an edge,” said Matt Borchard, Managing Director, Business Development, at Noble People. “By bringing together an NCAA champion, a sports psychologist, and a body language expert, we are creating one of the most unique live analyses of the game. And with that information coming at various points in the game, we’re leaning into the type of live betting our customers love while offering real value.”


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